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Epcot offers so many different options in terms of dining throughout the entire park. The Japan pavilion itself has three table service locations and a quick service location. Teppan Edo is today’s Foodie Find and some overlook it due to its common nature. Hibachi style dining is a very popular experience throughout the United States so some Disney goers will forgo trying Teppan Edo out for that reason alone. Now, I will be honest in that prior to my first time at Teppan Edo I had never been to this style of dining anywhere so it was a new to me experience. I now have been a few times and will continue to go back.

For those that don’t know much about Teppan Edo, it sits on the second level of the pavilion. At your table/grill you can and will be sat with other guests you may not know unless you have a party size that fits the entire table. Each table is equipped with a grill in the center that your food will be prepared on during the “show.”

Teppan Edo is open for lunch and dinner and even though some over look it, it can book up quickly because it is still a popular location.

On my most recent visit in April, I did start out with the Shandy beer which is a Kirin Draft with fresh-squeezed grapefruit, lemon, or orange juice. The menu itself is pretty straight forward. There are a few appetizers such as Edamame and Spicy Calamari but the entrées are the focus. They do offer five sushi options from a California Roll to a Spicy Roll.

Now as for those entrées, there are eight options to choose from including three types of steak, salmon, shrimp, chicken, scallops, and a vegetable offering. You can also do combinations of things like steak and chicken, chicken and shrimp, and scallop and steak. For me, I am quite simple and went with chicken this time.

The real fun is the show the chef puts on right in front of you though. As they cook your meal you are served a few different things throughout until your entrée item is done. This includes a salad, rice, and their popular Udon noodles. The chef will do all sorts of fun little grill tricks and may even bring Disney characters into like Olaf.

It’s hard not to enjoy the entertainment you get while your meal is prepared. Now, this most certainly is not the cheapest meal you will find on Walt Disney World property, but it is also not the most expensive. entrées will range from $24 for the vegetable dish to $38 for the filet dish. Combo plates will go a bit higher ranging from $36-39. They also have enhancements you can add which would further increase the price as well.

Overall, Teppan Edo is something I would recommend everyone give a try. It is a lot of fun even if its not the most economical option. If you have a special occasion be sure to mention that as well. For birthdays, the special guest gets their own chef hat and a special treat! Let us know what your thoughts are on Teppan Edo.

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