With today’s increasingly cashless environment having change or cash in general has become less likely. Not only that, but one thing people don’t always think about is tolls when they are driving in unfamiliar areas such as Florida. On my recent visit to the Orlando area, I rented a car for the very first time on my own. One thing friends reminded me of was having some money on hand for tolls.

While I would have some cash on hand in case, after some research I discovered something I hadn’t heard of previously that would make going through tolls a breeze. Visitor Toll Pass is an app that allows guests or travelers to pay tolls electronically without buying a Sun Pass or other toll paying devices.

It works pretty simply. Download the app and create an account. The app is available on iPhone or Android devices. Follow the instructions on the app when signing up. When you arrive at Orlando International Airport, you will pick up your pass on level one of terminal A or B right near the car rental counters at a kiosk. Once at the kiosk, you will scan the QR code that is generated on the app and your pass will be dispensed.

Once you have your rental, you will want to enter the license plate information in the app so the pass accurately calculates your tolls and so you don’t get charged by your rental company. After that you are good to go! Hang the tag/pass on your mirror and you are free to drive around Florida.

In the app, it will show each toll you pay throughout your visit. A $10 deposit will be placed on your card on file in the event you do not return the pass. Upon return to the airport, there are a few return boxes for your pass. Below is a map of the pick up and return locations at the airport.

Each toll you pass will be logged in the app on your mobile device. It’s really that simple! I definitely will be using this again on trips where I rent a vehicle. I also hopes this helps give you another option for paying those Florida tolls.

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