Opening in January 2024 in conjunction with Royal Caribbean’s newest ship; Icon of the Seas, Hideaway Beach is the first adults only space at Perfect Day at CocoCay. If you didn’t know already, Perfect Day at CocoCay is Royal Caribbean’s private island destination in The Bahamas. Only Royal Caribbean and sister brand Celebrity Cruises ships will visit this beautiful destination.

Perfect Day at CocoCay includes several different areas. There are several “free” spots to hangout as well as several spaces that come at an additional charge. Included spaces that guests can visit at no additional charge are: Chill Island, South Beach and the Oasis Lagoon. These spaces have included dining options, pools and more to enjoy while you visit the island. Some spaces that come at additional cost are Coco Beach Club, Thrill Waterpark and now Hideaway Beach.

Coco Beach Club is a more secluded space with upscale dining options, elevated service and amenities. It is available to all ages. Thrill Waterpark is as it sounds, a thrilling water park that included the tallest waterslide in North America. If you are looking for fun thrills this is the place to be. Then finally, the most recent addition, Hideaway Beach. This all-new adults only space is secluded from the rest of the island and offers a huge infinity pool as well as a beach space.

Hideaway Beach is not for those looking for a quiet hangout however. Royal Caribbean set out to create a more party sort of vibe. Similar to something you may find at a Las Vegas resort pool. There is a live DJ pumping the tunes throughout. There is also a huge swim up bar in the middle of the pool. Now if that isn’t your vibe, not all hope is lost. It is quieter near the beach and ocean water. Along the beach you can find hammocks in the water as well to relax. There are also plenty of cabanas you can rent at an additional charge. These you can play your own music in or keep it quiet and relaxing. There is a set of cabanas that even include access to their own private pool that is only for cabana guests.

As for dining at Hideaway Beach there are several options, including one you cannot find elsewhere at Perfect Day at CocoCay. There are three main bars throughout the area, Hideaway Bar which is the swim up bar, Beach Bar and then On The Rocks Bar. On The Rocks is found near the entrance to Hideaway Beach, features televisions to watch live sporting events and more and live music. As for the bites, there is the ever popular Snack Shack you can find throughout the island but with a couple options only found at Hideaway Beach. Then there is Slice of Paradise, a pizzeria you can only find at this adults only space.

I did not get to try Slice of Paradise but did visit the Snack Shack. Along the side of the Snack Shack is also an ice cream station to get your soft serve fix. If you have the Deluxe Beverage Package on the ship, that does transfer over onto the island as well and your drinks at Perfect Day at CocoCay whether in Hideaway Beach or elsewhere will be included. They do have water and juices available throughout if you don’t have a beverage package as well.

Pricing for Hideaway Beach varies based on the date you visit. You will be able to reserve it at anywhere from $39 to $89 per person. When I visited in March 2024, I paid just over $40. Be sure to continually check as pricing can change eve after you book. If pricing drops, cancel and rebook at that reduced price.

Is Hideaway Beach something for everyone? No, definitely not. If you are not into a party atmosphere with loud music and drinks flowing, it’s likely not the space for you. If you want something quiet, Chill Island or Coco Beach Club are likely more your speed. If you don’t mind the music and some fun, I highly recommend giving Hideaway Beach a visit. Even as a solo cruiser as I was on my recent Icon of the Seas sailing, I had a great time at this venue. It was definitely nice to not have kids splashing around in the pool as I enjoyed a cocktail. Is this something I would do every cruise? No, probably not. Pricing certainly comes into play. I wouldn’t be booking this at the upper end of the price range. If it is around $40-50? I would definitely consider it depending on the cruise I am on.

If you are interested in adding Hideaway Beach to your next Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruise, be sure to let your Crescent Lake Club agent know!

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