Recently, a few of our Crescent Lake Club team had the opportunity to check out Space 220 which is EPCOT’s newest dining experience. This highly anticipated experience opened with long lines and some hard to get reservations. Space 220 is attached to Mission: SPACE in World Discovery at EPCOT.

Space 220 takes guests 220 miles above EPCOT in special space elevators. Serving lunch and dinner, guests get amazing panoramic views of Earth. For lunch guests can experience a two-course prix-fixe menu and for dinner a special three-course menu. Guests can even take part in the lounge which allows guests to order a la carte or from the prix-fixe menus. Lunch is $55 for adults and $29 for kids. For dinner, adults are $79 and kids $29. Kids meals for both lunch and dinner include a pack of Space 220 trading cards.

From appetizers such as “Big Bang Burrata” to the “Centauri Caesar Salad,” there is a little bit for everyone. For your main course you can find things such as the “Centauri Burger,” ” X2 Duck” and “Bluehouse Salmon.” They do offer a “Galactic Lobster Globe” add on as well. Kids can enjoy “Space-Ghetti” or some “Cosmic Chicken.” And for dessert, “Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake” or “Lemon Mousse.” For the full menu you can find that here on the Disney website.

Now the Space 220 Lounge is what we experienced and offers a few different options. The biggest advantage to this space is that you aren’t restricted to the prix-fixe menu and can pick and choose what you want. From “Astro Deviled Eggs” to “Starry Calimari” there is again a bit of everything. Let’s not forget about drink offerings too. There are plenty of specialty cocktails to choose from as well. From “Celestial Cosmopolitan,” “Stargarita” and “The Big Tang.”

Those seated in the main dining area will be closest to the “windows” or screens. Those in the lounge will be seated in an elevated level sort of above the main dining area. No matter where you are seated though you will have a pretty great view of the restaurant and of course space.

When you first check in there is a desk outside the restaurant. After that you are allowed around the corner and into the launch station. Here you will be given your boarding pass as you wait to board your elevator.

There are two elevators you could board. Typically you will be boarding with at least one other party. There are “windows” on the top and bottom of the elevator to show your trip 220 miles up to the Centauri Space Station. Once you get off you are greeted by a host and taken past a huge growing area that is “growing” vegetables for your meals on board.

Then once seated you get the breathtaking views of the planet down below. You will even be treated to spaceships, astronauts and more surprises throughout your visit.

Now lets talk food…

I was very leery of booking the prix-fixe menu because I didn’t want to be stuck with a higher priced meal and items I may not want especially for dinner. I was very excited for the experience but the food to me left something to be desired even before I stepped foot inside. That said, I was able to get a lounge reservation which made me less apprehensive.

For myself, I ordered the “Short Rib Sliders” off the lounge menu. Overall, these were quite good. It was between this and the “Chicken on Waffles” for me. Others at the table got the “Blue Moon Cauliflower” and “Starry Calamari.” Everyone seemed very pleased with their meal choices. One thing we also all agreed on though was the meal wasn’t fantastic enough to get us back on our next visit. We all would go back but this wasn’t enough to make it a must do each trip. All three of our choices ranged from $17-19 before tip and tax. I currently have no ambition to seek out the main dining room at this time either. That doesn’t mean it was bad at all however. We all thought the venue was incredibly themed and worth it at least once. So if you have been looking at heading to Space 220 we definitely recommend giving it a try and seeing what you think.

If you are thinking about booking your next trip to Walt Disney World and visiting Space 220, reach out to one of the Crescent Lake Club agents today! They can not only help you plan where to stay and theme park tickets but also hep you secure dining reservations like Space 220!

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