Disney just unveiled the first look at special merchandise coming to Avengers Campus which opens at Disney California Adventure on June 4th.

Guests will be able to start purchasing some of this merchandise May 29th at the Disneyland Resort Backlot Premiere Shop. Come June 4th though you will be able to find all of this and more at WEB Suppliers and Avengers Campus Supply Pod inside Avengers Campus.

For the first time ever in a Disney Parks attraction, you will be able to customize or enhance your ride experience aboard WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure with new WEB Tech accessories. On WEB SLINGERS, guests will wear 3D glasses on a test-drive of the latest inventor’s invention. You will reach out your hands and sling webs just like Spider-Man.

The first new gadget is the WEB Power Band. This band features an attraction mode that unlocks multi-fire webs on WEB SLINGERS. There will be WEB Tech inspired by Spider-Man, Ghost Spider, Iron Man, and Rescue. Spider-Man and Ghost Spider-inspired WEB Shooters change guests powers to electro-dynamic webs on the attraction and at home. Iron Man and Rescue-inspired Repulsor Cannons change guest powers to repulsor blasts.

After all of that you can create your very own Spider-Bot to take home. Much like Droids in Galaxy’s Edge these customizable bots are sure to be popular. There are design choices inspired by Iron Man, Black Widow, Black Panther, and Ant-Man and The Wasp. That is not all, there are even stylish goggles and authentic web-shooters inspired by Spider-Man himself. And of course, we will be able to purchase all the shirts, hats, pins and accessories our Marvel hearts can desire!

Teetz’s Take:

We have hit a new level of merchandise and theme park integration with Avengers Campus and frankly something I am surprised we haven’t seen yet. There have been chances and tries at something like this before. We have the wands in Harry Potter themed areas at Universal or the Droids in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. This is taking that to the next level with being able to change your ride experience.

Now with that new level of innovation said, I am not sure I like it. In concept this is rather brilliant and like I said something I would have expected Disney to do sooner. Disney has tried several interactive things before like My Pal Mickey or Glow with the Show products. Will this new iteration work is the big question at hand. We don’t know the answer just yet but we shall see how the execution is. Right now as someone who does own a droid from Galaxy’s Edge I am not ready to shell out money to only really be used on one ride. The droid at least interacts with the land and acts as a remote control toy at home.

Disney does say these products will be able to be used at home of course. Will I want to wear something on my wrist and shoot webs at fictional things around my house? Probably not. These items definitely have less of an appeal than droid. We shall wait and see how this actually works and if we see a big impact in ride experience I may just be compelled to buy but as of tight now not so much.

What is your take on this next level of theme park interactivity?

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